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Doesn't time fly

Yes, doesn't time fly.

We have now been here in Australia for just over six months and lots of things have happened since we arrived in Perth but firstly, I would just like to thank everyone who sent cards, telephoned, text, emailed, facebooked recently to wish Ryan and myself a happy birthday.
Also thank you to everyone who wished Sue and myself a happy 17 years wedding anniversary, yes, doesn't time fly.

So what Blog news can I give you about the Nickisson family now?

1)  New Australian roots: We move into our new home in October.

2)  Old Australian roots: The first Nickisson's to arrive in Australia from my Family Tree. The story continues:

3)  Growing Australian roots: Including how the allotment is going in England

Doesn't time fly: When a clock is hungry does it go back four seconds???

1) New Australian Roots.

We have now bought our first home in Australia.

We will be moving into 53 Tea Tree Way around the 5th/6th of October and the shopping has begun. It is really exciting to start completely fresh and buy new furniture, electrical equipment, etc.

The time living with Dean & Rachel has been fantastic and really worked out very well but nine people living in one house!!!

I think it's time to give them back their home.

This link will give you a tour of our new home:
 For Sale : 53 Tea Tree Way Thornlie: Ideal Location: LJ Hooker Thornlie

Our individual lives have continued along the same pattern as I have mentioned in my previous Blogs. Sue has now completed her 3 months probation and is now a permanent employee.

We cannot wait to move into our new home.

Did you know?
Nearly all Australian houses do not have letter boxes in their front doors? As you can see from the above photo, the postboxes are usually situated somewhere in the front garden and the variety and styles of  the postboxes can be unusual.
And the post is delivered by a motorbike rider.

More variety of  postboxes in the next Blog.

2)  Old Australian roots: The first Nickisson's to arrive in Australia from my Family Tree.

Map of Australia

As I mentioned in my last Blog, my Great Great  Grandfather's brother, William Nickisson, died and his widow (Mary Ann Parkes) emigrated to Queensland, Australia with her children (Alfred Parkes Nickisson, Frederick Nickisson and Louisa Nickisson). Their other daughter (Elizabeth Nickisson) had already emigrated in 1873 along with her husband (Carl Casper Franklin).
Louisa Nickisson died shortly after arriving in Queensland and then Mary Ann and Frederick returned to England from Victoria in 1879.

So what happened to Elizabeth Nickisson, now Elizabeth Franklin, and Alfred Parkes Nickisson?

Elizabeth Nickisson (1847-1891):
Elizabeth was born in Birmingham in 1847 and continued to live there and married Carl Casper Franklin in 1871. They had a child, Carl Frederick Franklin in 1872 and then emigrated to Australia in 1873. They left London on the 1st of February on the clipper ship 'Storm King' and arrived at Moreton Bay, Queensland on the 3rd of May.
They had two other children whilst living in Queensland, Mary Louisa Franklin and William Edward Franklin, they then moved to Rockhampton, New South Wales sometime after 1876 where they had another daughter Ellen Elizabeth Franklin.
Elizabeth Franklin (nee Nickisson) died in 1891 in Woolahra, Sydney, NSW.
Carl Casper Franklin (c1847-?):
I have no information about Carl Casper in the earlier years, was he born in England or travelled back from Australia, in fact was his name Carl or Charles? On the Marriage Registration Doc. and the Birth/Christening Record of their first child, it shows the name as Carl Casper, but on the Birth Records for the children born in Australia, they show the name as Charles or Charles Casper?
After the birth of his children, I have not been able to find any more information about Carl (Charles) Casper Franklin.
Does anyone out there know any more?

Carl Frederick Franklin (1872-1936):
Born in Birmingham and emigrated to Queensland, Australia in 1873. Little more is known about Carl Frederick other than he lived in Old Farm Road, Helensburgh, New South Wales, around the 1930s, (Australian Electoral Rolls) where he worked as a miner until he died in 1936.
Does anyone out there know any more?

Mary Louisa Franklin (1874-1875):
Born and died in Queensland, Australia, just one year old.

William Edward Franklin (1876-1937):
William Edward followed very much in his older brother Carl Frederick's footsteps. Born in Queensland, Australia, little more is known until he appears living in Station Road, Helensburgh, New South Wales, around the 1930s, (Australia Electoral Rolls) where he also worked as a miner until his death in 1937.
Does anyone out there know any more?

Ellen Elizabeth Franklin (1878-1931):
Born in Rockhampton, New South Wales, she married William John Wise in Sydney, NSW in 1903. Sometime after that they moved to New Zealand where she lived in Masterton, Wellington, until she died in 1931.
William John Wise (1871-1960):
He was born in Chertsey, Surrey, England. Nothing else is known about William, when did he move to Australia, when did they move to New Zealand? He died in 1960 in Masterton, New Zealand.
Does anyone out there know any more?

I will look at Alfred Parkes Nickisson's life in Australia in the next Blog.

Doesn't time fly: My grandmother wanted to stay fit, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know were the hell she is.

3)  Growing Australian roots: Including how the allotment is going in England

Talking to my daughter Joanne and grandson Joseph, they have had a bumper crop of fruit, flowers and vegetables from the allotment in England. Although the weather has been very mixed, almost everything has been successful. It seems as though the only failure has again been the Broccoli, not to be tried again next year.
The grapes have again grown well in the greenhouse along with the Tomatoes, Peppers, Chilli plants and the Cucumber. They have also had a success with growing flowers (Sweet Peas) for the first time.
Most of the produce is now out of the ground and the beds are being prepared for winter. Some late potatoes have been planted, hopefully ready for Christmas.

What about Australia. Well, I have identified an area in our new home for a vegetable patch, I don't mean in the home, in the garden of our new home!!!! I will also attempt to grow Dwarf varieties of fruit trees around the garden. Looking forward to having a go at creating my version of an allotment, although on a smaller scale than in England.

And finally:

Doesn't Time Fly? Three tourists climbed up London's Big Ben tower and decided to throw their watches off the top, run down the stairs and try to catch them before they hit the ground. 

The first tourist threw his watch but heard it crash before he'd taken three steps. 

The second threw his watch and made only two steps before hearing his watch shatter.

The third tourist threw his watch off the tower, went down the stairs, bought a snack at a shop up the street
and walked slowly back to Big Ben in time to catch the watch.

"How the heck did you do that???" asked one of his friends.

"Easy," he replied.

"My watch is 30 minutes slow."

Speak to you soon.

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