Thursday, 28 August 2014

Surprise, Surprise?

I get up in the morning and normally have a plan for the day. Sometimes that changes, perhaps because of the weather, not fitting everything in, asked to do something extra and the occasional surprise.

24th July was one of those surprise days, if you're one of my Facebook friends you would know what happened. I had just collected my two grandchildren from their school, Sue was home early from work, (that's a surprise in itself, but nice). My son Dean and Rachel arrive, I presume to take home Charlotte and Jacob, I have a beer in my hand when in walks Joseph. My Grandson had just arrived from England, everyone else knew about it except me. What a great surprise, happy to admit I cried.

*I was surprised when reading an article last night about fathers and sons, how memories came flooding back of the time I took my son out for his first pint.
Got him a XXXX ..... he didn't like it - so I had it.
Then I got him a Tooheys & then a VB .... he didn't like them either so I had them too..
It was the same with the Kilkenny & Guinness..
By the time we got to the whisky I could hardly push the pram home.

We had some great times while Joe was with us........

After just over four weeks with us, Joe went back home this week,
we really had a good time.
Will miss him, thank you Joe for the surprise.

*I was surprised to read in the paper about this dwarf that got pick pocketed... How could anyone stoop so low..?

I mentioned in my last Blog Questions? Answers?, (can't believe it was 3 months ago) that Sue entered a competition and we were very surprised that she won. The prize was two Square Foot Garden Bed systems and they were installed a few weeks later.

Two months later!!!!! Must be good compost.
Cabbage, varieties of Lettuce, Broccoli, Kale, Peas, Beetroot, Onions, Garlic etc.
Really surprised how well it has grown with it being winter. Although the days have
been around 18-23 deg's, the nights dropped to around 6-8 deg's.

My 'allotment' has been slightly neglected because of the contents of the above, but the Potatoes, Lettuce etc. are doing well but not as well as the 'Square Gardens' system.

*I just read an article on the dangers of drinking. I was so surprised, it scared me!
So that's it!
After today; no more reading.

Over the last few months the Nickisson Family Tree hasn't been growing as well as the vegies above. I have been looking at my outstanding list of 'things to do' and I have just received some certificates ordered a few weeks ago from England.
What surprises (or disappointments) will they bring?

Just opening the first envelope;
Death certificate for Frederick Nickisson, why did I need it? Right, I know he died in 1839 and I'm trying to find more information about his birth.
Marriage certificate for Agnes Fryer. I was searching for her death around 1944 when I found a possible second marriage. Is this the same person?
Emma Nickisson Death certificate. There is conflicting information on the year she died and a quick glance at the certificate, looks as though I got it right. She was only three when she died.
Marriage certificate for James Dobson. This is a complicated issue around his possible desertion from his wife and his possible second marriage. This could be an item for the next Blog as someone out there may be able to help with this one.
The last three certificates are connected to Hannah Nickisson. A few weeks ago I was surprised, but pleased, to have a comment made on a previous Blog from February 2012. Thank you Michael (a relation of Hannah) for correcting me on the date of death and informing me that after Hannah's husband died, she married again. The certificates show more detail about this new information.

It shows that I can be wrong on information added to the Nickisson Family Tree and I appreciate anyone contacting me to allow me to correct/add/change any of that information.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch, I'm happy to be surprised.

I wonder what future surprises will bring?

*The mother-in-law arrives home from shopping and was surprised to find her son-in-law Paddy in a steaming rage and hurriedly packing his suitcase.
"What happened Paddy?" she asked anxiously..
"What happened!! I'll tell you what happened. I sent an email to my wife (your daughter) telling her I was coming home today from my fishing trip. I get home... and guess what I found? Yes, your daughter, my wife Jean, naked with Joe Murphy in our marital bed! This is unforgivable, the end of our marriage. I'm done. I'm leaving forever!"
"Ah now, calm down, calm down Paddy!" says his mother-in-law. "There is something very odd going on here. My daughter would never do such a thing! There must be a simple explanation. I'll go speak to her immediately and find out what happened!"
Moments later, the mother-in-law comes back with a big smile.
"Paddy. I told you there must be a simple explanation ....... she never got your email".

Speak to you soon


  1. Good to see another posting from you Garry also good to see your garden growing! Love to all of you. xx

  2. The garden is going really well, I am going to try and be more frequent with my Blog posts, hopefully!!!! Love to you both xx

  3. Garry, you make me laugh. Miss you loads and love you more. Xxx

  4. It's good to have a laugh, we all need that sometime. I miss you and love you too xxx