Saturday, 5 November 2011

Times are changing

Times are changing! Clocks were put back last weekend but times are moving forward!

  • Changes to the Nickisson Family Tree.
  • Times have changed at the allotment.
  • Times have changed from our house of 22 years,
  • to a temporary home for the next four months.

* Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once

  • Changes to the Nickisson Family Tree.
I mentioned in my last Blog (October) that due to changes in my email address I needed to create this new Blog. In that previous Blog, (if you would like to familiarise yourself with it, please go to: I decided to introduce into the Nickisson Family Tree information regarding my great great great grandfathers possible parents, brothers and sisters. This was because I could only presume that the information I had was correct but not fully proved.

So I introduced into my tree;
My new great, great, great grandparents:
Charles Nickisson (1771-1852) married (1799) to Elizabeth Stubbs (c1775-1850),
Their children:
Henry Nickisson (already in the Family Tree)
Sarah Nickisson (1802-?)
Charles Nickisson (1805-1864) married (1832) to Elizabeth Oseland (c1805-?)
George Nickisson (1811-1842)
William Nickisson (1816-1866) married (1842) to Mary Ann Parkes (1823-1904
Mary Ann Nickisson (1821-1840)
Their children:
Robert Nickisson (1837-1880)
Charles Edwin Nickisson (1845-1871) married (1865) to Mary Elizabeth Hallam (1846-1905)
Alfred Parkes Nickisson (1840-?) married (1874) Harriet Frances Hancox (1854-?)
Ellen Nickisson (1845-?) married (1866) Edwin Willis (1842-?)
Elizabeth Nickisson (1847-1891) married ( 1871) Carl Casper Franklin (?)
Frederick Nickisson (1857-1941)
Louisa Nickisson (1863-1875)
Their children:
Charles Edwin Nickisson (1869-1870)
Polly Nickisson (1866-?)
Alice Jane Nickisson (1867-?) married (1906) James Howard Small (1860-1915)
Fanny Emily Nickisson (1871-1910) married (1892) John Harvey (?)
Joseph Arthur Nickisson (1876-?)
Frederick W Nickisson (1878-1878)
Herbert S Nickisson (1879-?)
Alice Eva H Nickisson (1882-1882)
Louisa Nickisson-Corbett (1884-?)
Carl Frederick Franklin (1872-1936)
Mary Louisa Franklin (1874-1875)
Ellen Elizabeth Franklin (1878-1931)
William Edward Franklin (1876-1937)

As you may be aware I have been really busy over the last few months and this has meant that the Family Tree has been a little neglected. Now that we are a little more settled and the winter months are approaching, I will start to look for more evidence / proof that will connect the above family members more closely to the Nickisson Family Tree.

I enjoy this part of genealogy

* Time is a great healer, but it's also a lousy beautician

  • Times have changed at the allotment:
from this;
A full allotment, to this;
All the produce has been harvested and since these photo's were taken the remainder of the potatoes have been dug up and stored in the allotment shed. All that remains in the ground are Leeks (that will be harvested next year), Strawberry plants that have been thinned out and replanted into a bigger plot and Rhubarb that will now lay dormant over winter. All the plots have been dug over and some of the plots have been covered to reduce weed growth. Onion sets will be planted in the next few days to produce next years crop.

Times have changed in the greenhouse / Conservatory:
From this;
To this:
Empty now other than the remainder of the Onions,
and the Grapevine is now ready to be wrapped in fleece to protect it through winter.
We had a small but really good crop of Grapes, there should be a lot more next year.

The allotment is now ready for my daughter Joanne
and my grandson Joseph to take over next year.

I will miss the allotment - Vegetables in Australia? Hope so!!!!!!

* Time is like money: you can either spend, waste, or invest!

  • Times have changed from our house of 22 years, to a temporary home for the next four months.

Emotions were high when we left our home of many years and we moved into our temporary accommodation before moving to Australia in March next year.

Times have changed to an empty Foster Court;

The lounge
The Kitchen
The main bathroom
The small bedroom
The main bedroom
Large attic bedroom
Smaller attic bedroom

To Highfield Drive
The small lounge.
The only room that looks like somewhere to live, no storage boxes etc
The study come
TV room come dining room come box storage room
The small kitchen
The main bedroom with rails to store clothes
Another bedroom with rail storage of clothes and boxes

There is another small bedroom but could not photograph it due to not having enough room to focus the camera.
Although small, it has now become a comfortable home for the next 4 months.

Times have really changed.

* Time is relative... The mind makes it slow, the heart makes it fast, our friends make it worth while, and words... make it timeless

See you soon

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